Recreation Coordinator

Posted 1 year ago

Title: Recreation Coordinator


The position of Rec Coordinator is one that requires a high degree of independence and self-motivation. Under administrative direction, the Rec Assistant is to perform professional level supervision of internal operations of Recreation Programs. Program Management includes research, structure and supervision. The Rec Assistant reports directly to the Rec Supervisor. The Rec Assistant is responsible for overseeing programs and events within the Rec Department.


  1. Provide supervision for R.P.D Program as well as articulate R.P.D. visions and goals regarding our programs in a clear and compelling way.
  2. Plan and prioritize programs/special events to meet assigned deadlines.
  3. Handout flyers and leaflets for marketing and/or outreach.
  4. Attend staff meetings.
  5. Work in conjunction with all staff within the Park District to help Stimulate and create a team effort by practicing courtesy and Professionalism.
  6. Coordinate and develop programs to support R.P.D. goals and objectives.
  7. Review, evaluate, and recommend supplies to purchase  for approval.
  8. Some Office Work and Other Duties as assigned


Demonstrate ability to work independently, in an organized manner in a high-pressure atmosphere; Professional skills to interface with all levels of personnel and outside contacts; excellent verbal, written communication skills, and interpersonal skills. With some experience and skills in project management and program development. Ability to communicate and respect for other people commitment and the ability listen well to others.

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