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Basketball Court Resurfacing RFP


Date:   September 3, 2021,

To All Interested Asphalt Repair Contractors:

Project:                     Asphalt Repair of Basketball and Tennis Courts at the Riverdale Park District located at 137th and Wentworth in Riverdale, Illinois

Project Contractor:   Riverdale Park District, Illinois

Subject:                    REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP)


The Riverdale Park District is requesting proposals for asphalt repair services for basketball and tennis courts located at 137th and Wentworth. The specific requirements of this Request for Proposals are described below.

Any asphalt repair contractor that wishes to be considered for this scope of work shall meet the pre-qualification standards set within this document. Proposals by asphalt repair contractors who have not demonstrated meeting these specified pre-qualifications will be disregarded.

Location of Project:

151 W. 137th Street, Riverdale, Illinois


Asphalt on basketball and tennis courts at the Riverdale Park District are in need of repair.

Project Overview:   

Perform asphalt repairs on three basketball courts and one tennis court located at 137th and Wentworth, which includes milling of all major crack 4” in depth and disposal of material; installation of 4” of hot surface asphalt; cleaning and removal of debris and weeds; application of tack coat; installation of ½” of hot leveling asphalt; application of 1 ½” hot surface asphalt compact; and striping the courts to existing layout.

  Pre-Submittal Meeting:

All interested bidders shall meet at Ivanhoe Fieldhouse, 14401 S. Stewart Ave, Riverdale Illinois, on SEPTEMBER 20, 2021 at 12:00 P.M. for the opportunity to inspect the applicable courts and ask questions prior to the submission of their bid.


Submittal Requirements:  

Interested asphalt contractors shall submit a concise statement of their qualifications and proposal which includes the following information, documented in the manner and order outlined as follows:

1.             Cover Letter

             2.         Project Approach:

  • State understanding of the proposed project and the approach your company will use.
  •        Applicant’s Qualification Statement
  • Applicant must fill out and submit the attached Form A- Technical Qualifications which will detail applicants company organization, licensing & insurance, experience, and references.

            5.         Other Submittal Requirements

  • Provide verification of General Liability, Professional Liability, and Worker’s compensation Insurance coverage.
  • Provide verification of company’s license in the State of Illinois.


The Riverdale Park District will review and evaluate the RFP documents received based on the content of their submittals. Factors that will be considered include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Experience, availability and qualifications of Applicant
    • Approach and understanding of the scope of work
    • Experience with similar project types
    • Client references

Once the submittals have been reviewed, the Park District may request applicants to perform an interview. However, if a best RFP is clearly identified by the Park District there will not be a need for interviews. All Applicants submitting will be notified in writing upon the completion of the selection process.

Due Date:

All interested asphalt contractors should provide three (3) copies of the requested RFP information clearly labeled: Riverdale Park District – Asphalt Services. The copies shall be delivered to, and in possession of the Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the park district by no later than September 27, 2021 at the location listed below. Facsimile or e-mail submittals will not be accepted.

Submit RFP to:         Riverdale Park District

Attn: Gwenette Bradley

14322 S. Ivanhoe Drive

Riverdale, Illinois 60827

Contract for Services:

The winning bidder shall enter into a contract in substantially the form as provided in Exhibit B, attached to this Request for Proposals

For Questions Regarding the Project:

Gwenette Bradley


*Please note that all questions and responses thereto shall be provided to the pool of applicants.

RFP Contract RFP Qualifications

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